Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Matters to You in Saint Louis

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Why do you chose to live in the Saint Louis region versus other regions?

What is here that you could not find anywhere else?

What would make you leave Saint Louis?

What is this regions most well deserved and least known about strength?

These questions are almost a poll, One strength the United States Labor Market has always had is our flexibility to adapt to new locales to met demand for jobs in a region.

These questions are likely most answered with a family, jobs, education, or new experiences, along with negative history.

It seems that there are more ex- St. Louisians than there are current ones. This really has little to do with our climate, notions of our crime, schools, or sprawl. All are just byproducts of the times.

The real question is then what will be our evolution in the greater sense?

Where will people live in the 21st century, what jobs might they do?
and those cities which are not part of the boom how will they cope in stagnation or even decline?

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  1. I think the thing to keep in mind is that the 'chickens come home to roost.' St. Louisans leave, but we should be glad of that. They spread the city's name, send outside money back, and eventually return to raise their families.

    Do read the Urbanophile,

    I'm in Seoul with several other St. Louisans. I send home more than half my paycheck. Before I come home, I'll talk up my city to any Asian that'll listen.

    There was an excellent piece I read the other day about the venture capital community in Silicon Valley attracting foreign talent that start companies and move them to their homelands. There are companies in Mumbai and Manila that started in Silicon Valley.

    Attachment is what will save Detroit. The people will return.


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