Monday, June 15, 2009

One Way Streets

One Way
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I live by a one way street.

not to bad most of the time, I prefer the potentially decreased traffic however it really perturbs me when vehicles travel the wrong way to avoid a nearby intersection.

I can understand this dilemma to when driving in most parts of the Central West End really defeats the grid pattern and sure makes traveling on Kingshighway unpleasant. Downtown would be more easily navigable if there were two way streets.

I wonder if there was always so many one way streets, I know that mine was originally many years ago a two way and guess that in some ways it was to create that cul-de-sac feel for urban neighborhoods.

It would be harder to find parking if all two ways maybe one day we will have no car streets in neighborhoods. Holding my breath.

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  1. I have never been gutsy enough to go the wrong way (on purpose) on a one-way street. There was one near where I used to live in Dog Town that I always wanted to break the rules on...

    I just knew that this one time there would be a cop hanging out, eating a donut or something and I would go cruising by him the wrong way.

    I think what I really feared was making up an excuse. "I didn't notice that every car was facing me". "I thought that going backwards would be too obvious"


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